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About Us:

Welcome to Fandemonium!









We are excited to offer an excellent selection of sports (NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA, etc.) and entertainment memorabilia for our FANS.  We also do a great job of supporting our fundraising FANS with items on a reserve bid basis with NO RISK to them.  Increasing their revenue while providing some impressive items for their crowd to bid on.  We have had great success raising funds for many different organizations and causes and have helped raise thousands of dollars.  We would be happy to help you raise some funds at your next event, raffle or fundraiser, we have lots of different options on how we can help, just ask.








Established in 2014, Fandemonium has been trusted by many to bring outstanding items, exceptional service and knowledge to their event or to their personal purchase, and we have delivered as we are nimble and extremely capable.  Warren Suitor has worked within the professional sports world including five years with the Edmonton Oilers in Public Relations and Marketing.  He brings years of experience to Fandemonium and wants to provide high quality items and expertise to our FANS.

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